Pullet Farms

This is the least common type of poultry farm. This farm produces pullets and roosters to be delivered to a breeder hen house at 20-22 weeks old when they are sexually mature to breed and lay eggs. Poultry companies such as Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride, George’s, Simmons, OK Foods, and others, provide the delivery of baby chicks and feed, medication, management assistance, delivery to the breeder hen houses, and payment to an individual growers farm. The poultry grower provides the housing and equipment, labor, utilities, real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance, clean-out of poultry waste (litter), laying down new wood shavings or rice hulls for the next flock and dead bird disposal.

The grower is paid so much per square foot until the pullets/roosters are 20-22 weeks old and are delivered to a breeder hen house. The grower pay is the most consistent as they receive the same amount per week similar to a commercial rent. They are not paid while there are no birds on the houses. They typically get 2 to 2.33 flocks per 52 week period, as each flock usually is 20-22 weeks when they are delivered to a hen house.